Will Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Newest Heart Surgery Delay ‘FUBAR’ Season 2?


He’ll be back. Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed that he is now recovering from his fourth heart operation, and this time, he had a pacemaker put in after he was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat due to scar tissue. Although any form of cardiac surgery is a serious matter, the actor assured fans it won’t slow him down from returning for production on the highly-anticipated second season of Netflix‘s FUBAR.

The Governator appeared on his Pump Club app to explain, “Last Monday, I had surgery to become a little bit more of a machine: I got a pacemaker.” He then went on to explain that he’s “doing great” and is already looking forward to returning to his role as Luke Brunner in the action-comedy, which is expected to head into production in April.

“Monday, I went under and got my new machine part,” he explained, adding, “by Friday, I was out doing my normal environmental work, and nobody knew anything. I can’t do my serious training in the gym for a while, but I will be 100% ready for FUBAR next month.”

Schwarzenegger added that while he could’ve kept his medical treatment under wraps, he wanted to share his condition with subscribers who may be dealing with a similar concern, saying, “I’ve gotten so many messages and emails from people who were born with a bicuspid aortic valve, like me, telling me that talking about my valve replacement surgeries has given them courage and hope to deal with.”

Schwarzenegger previously revealed he had heart surgeries in 1997 for a pulmonary valve replacement, in 2018 for another replacement, and in 2020 for an aortic valve repair.

FUBAR‘s first season arrived in the summer of 2023 and became an instant fan favorite for its campy comedy moments and meta references to Schwarzenegger’s iconic catchphrases. It was one of the streamer’s most-watched series of the year. It was renewed for a second season within weeks of its premiere, and, though the first season was satisfying, there will still a few lingering questions that the second season can address.

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