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    ‘Y&R’ Stars Tracey Bregman & Kate Linder Cross Over to ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ for Fashion Showdown

    A Forrester Creations fashion show wouldn’t be the same without Fenmore’s department store owner — and Forrester family friend — Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) coming over from The Young and the Restless. This time, Lauren is bringing along with her Kate Linder’s Esther, who has always wanted to own a Forrester Creations original.

    Watch for them to pop up for five episodes starting Wednesday, October 25. The Bold and the Beautiful fashion extravaganza has Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) pitting his designs against his father Eric Forrester (John McCook), while the senior family member and Forrester Creations founder battles mysterious health issues.

    TV Insider chatted with Bregman and Linder about their journey to Y&R’s sister soap and their histories with Marie Osmond, who is (finally!) making her B&B debut as Countess Von Frankfurt.

    Kate, congratulations on making your B&B debut! You’ve never been on the show before, correct?

    Kate Linder: No. I’ve walked over there but I’ve never, ever been on B&B. It’s an honor. It’s an incredible, wonderful, amazing experience.

    Tracey, why does Lauren bring Esther with her?

    Bregman: We’re family!

    Linder: My son-in-law [Kevin, played by Greg Rikaart] is Lauren’s brother-in-law.

    This is very organic. Kate, what does it mean for Esther to attend a big splashy event like this?

    Linder: It’s a dream come true for Esther. She’s always wanted to own a Forrester gown. Mrs. Chancellor [Esther’s late employer played by the late, great Jeanne Cooper] always had them, and Esther would see them and loved them. Esther never dreamed she’d have one of her own let alone that Lauren would invite her to attend a fashion show.

    Bregman: I did call this show home for a while [in the 1990s]. It’s home for me. It’s always fun to go back. This is my first time working with Thorsten. The last time I worked with Ridge it was still Ronn Moss.

    Lauren’s relationships with the Forrester family is both business and personal as she dated Eric for a while.

    Bregman: And Ridge. They grew up together.

    Bill Inoshita/CBS

    How much does Lauren know about the competition between Ridge and Eric?

    Bregman: She’s not aware at all [initially]. Lauren has a line where she says she almost stopped the person directing [Lauren and Esther] to an office because she thinks it’s the wrong place. That’s the first she hears about it. She doesn’t get the full rundown, but she gets the idea.

    Marie’s reported guest spot to B&B has been talked about for quite some time. Did you get to work with her?

    Linder: Yes. I was so honored to work with her. I hadn’t seen her in several years. It was so much fun.

    Bregman: I have watched Marie for my whole life. I grew up in London and when The Osmonds came to London, it was the [big thing that was] happening. I [remember] Donny getting a cold [when he was there]. I was so worried about him! Marie asked me, “How do you remember that?” Also, my cousin is [costume designer] Bob Mackie. He designed for her during her years on The Donny and Marie Show.

    I don’t think I ever knew Bob Mackie was your cousin! You must have amazing stories.

    Bregman: When I was doing my freshman orientation at school, we did a Star Wars party. I wanted to go as Princess Leia [played by Carrie Fisher]. That week, Marie had played Princess Leia [on her variety show]. My mom called Bobby and asked if there was any way I could wear Marie’s Princess Leia dress. He said yes! I got to tell Marie that story, too. It was odd that we hadn’t met before now. I told her I always looked up to her. Even though there are only a few years between us, I always saw her as an older sister. It sounds odd, but she was always a part of my life. [Laughs] And now, we’re texting buddies.

    Linder: I was able to tap dance on Donny and Marie’s talk show. I’d see her when I went to Dancing With the Stars, too. I’ve known both of them for years.

    Tracey, circling back to Bob, how you related? Did you ever go to any Carol Burnett Show tapings?

    Bregman: It’s on my mom’s side. I was in junior high and high school with Carol’s daughter Carrie Hamilton. Carol and my dad [Buddy Bregman, conductor] were at UCLA together. Carol came to my career day at school. She brought Eydie Gormé with her. My dad had done [Eydie’s] album. That was career day!

    Your cousin is responsible for one of the most memorable sight gags in TV history — when Carol played ‘Starlet O’Hara’ in ‘Went With the Wind.’

    Bregman: Yes. Bob suggested that Carol wear the curtain rod [along with the dress ‘Starlet’ made out of drapes]. My mom used to spend time with Bobby when he had an office on Melrose [Avenue]. Several years ago, we ran into him over at the Grove.

    What else did you share with Marie?

    Bregman: I told her I remember when she had just cut her hair and she had this outfit with red leggings and she wore two different kinds of boots – one red, one green. I told her, “Don’t ask me how I remember this when I can’t remember what happened yesterday!” She asked me if I knew why she wore two different [colored] boots. I said, “Cutting edge?” She said no. It was because they liked them both and couldn’t decide on which ones to go with!

    Kate, we hear that there might be some romance for Esther in Los Angeles.

    Linder: Really? Well, that would be nice. I don’t know anything about that.

    Who else did you work with?

    Linder: We know a lot of the crew [from when they worked on Y&R].

    Bregman: Ed [Scott, formerly Y&R’s executive producer] is at B&B now [as Supervising Producer]. He’s always fabulous. Ed did something funny after one of our scenes. He came out and gave me a note that Wes Kenney [former Y&R executive producer] used to give me. He’d say, “Pace and vitality!”

    Sounds like everything “bold” was new again.

    Bregman: [Laughs] Yes. Lauren wants Esther to have a great experience and to fulfill a lifelong dream.

    Linder: We had such a great time. Having Tracey there with me was icing on the cake. Esther can’t believe she’s meeting the Forresters. She can’t believe the whole thing. Not just Esther — but Kate, too!

    The Bold and the Beautiful, Weekdays, CBS

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